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Cajon Pickup Microphone - Bronze
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The PUQ Cajon Pickup is a whole new way of mic-ing the cajon. Since the PUQ is not a microphone at all, it doesn't suffer the same issues as standard microphones. By taking the sound directly off the structure, the PUQ has more headroom, and less interference from other sources. Plug directly into a DI like your acoustic guitarist, or bring effect pedals into the mix for a new world of sonic possibilities! Features include: Heavy-duty powder-coated chassis Wired exclusively with Mogami cable Protective travel-tin for safekeeping Neutrik/REAN 1/4 inch. connector

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Catalog Number 214972 / PUQBRNZ
Publisher Solomon Mics
UPC 857612007008
Format Bronze
Series Solomon Mics
Size 4.75x4.25
Weight 12.5 oz