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Shifting Sands

The Shifting Song
By Bob Phillips

Teach shifting with this beautiful melody by Bob Phillips. Shifting Sands is also perfectly suited for the concert stage. The moderate, lyric tempo provides students in the early stages of practicing shifts the time they need to make the shifts successfully. Musically, this piece is very accessible so students can focus on the shifts. Violins will practice 3rd position on the D, A, and E strings. Violas will practice 3rd position on the D and A strings. Cellos will practice 3rd and 4th positions on the D and A strings. Basses will practice 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions on the D and G strings. Shifts for all instruments are introduced by moving the first finger in a sliding (portamento) motion from 1st position up to 3rd position and back again, then progresses to shifting. (3:10)

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Catalog Number 00-48075S
UPC 038081557090
Instrument String Orchestra
Format Conductor Score
Series Sound Innovations for String Orchestra
Level 2.5 (Medium Easy)
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Weight 16 oz