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New Solos for Classical Mandolin

Concert Repertoire for Practice & Performance
by August Watters
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Illustrations by Alex Timmerman New Solos for Classical Mandolin is a unique collection of original solo compositions for mandolin, designed for both practice and performance. Composed in a richly-textured style, this collection also provides a systematic study of several right-hand techniques drawn from the literature of classical mandolin, as well as a framework for developing your own approach to interpretation and improvisation within classical music traditions. This book will help you to: extend the tone color and expressive range of your instrument; practice your technique by playing musical solos, instead of exercises; dig deeper into classical techniques, with a guided method for study; consider strategies to improve your music reading skills and chord/melody concept; build your repertoire of modern solo works; cultivate your own way of interpretation and improvising with classical mandolin.

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Catalog Number 290988
ISBN 1540048055
UPC 888680924904
Series Mandolin
Size 12.00x9.00
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