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Cabli Cord Manager

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With the Cabli, you can install any music cable just once and you'll never worry about cable slack again. When you're ready to use your cable, pull out the desired amount, leaving the rest in the Cabli for a tidy jam space or gig. Wrap a cable twice as fast thanks to the Cabli's ability to wind up both ends at once! Your cables will take up less space thanks to the Cabli's ability to hold up to 30 ft (9m) of cable in just 7-inches x 1.68-inches (17.78cm x 4.27cm). Built out of ABS, enabling it to be both light (10oz/280g) and durable! Cable Manufacturers were consulted on the design to ensure that it won't over tighten or pinch your cables in any way, extending your cable's longevity.

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Catalog Number 347587 / CABLI
Publisher Singular Sound
UPC 868361000080
Series BeatBuddy products
Size 9.00x7.00
Weight 11.5 oz