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Overstream Bundle

Gaming and Podcasting Bundle With 990 Blizzard

The MXL Overstream Bundles provide live streamers with a high-quality studio XLR microphone that delivers a drastic upgrade in audio performance. It also comes with a few essential accessories for live streaming. The bundles come with: Desk-mounted, hinged-arm mic stand Integrated all-in-one pop filter and shock mount 990 Blizzard condenser microphone The 990 Microphone delivers exceptional sound quality, with a wide frequency response, tight high end, and solid low and midrange production. The cardioid polar pattern helps reject any noise from behind the microphone, and the illuminated LED lights in the grille complement any modern gaming rig. For fully adjustable mic placement and professional look and feel. Includes an integrated XLR mic cable, and comes with table clamp and swivel mount options. The MXL SMP-1 integrated metal pop filter and shockmount dampens vibrations and eliminates plosives for clear speech intelligibility and pristine sound.

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Catalog Number 298896 / MXL OS1 BW
Publisher MXL
UPC 801813193879
Format 990 Blizzard Michrophone Bundle
Series MXL Mics
Size 24.00x8.25
Weight 117.6 oz