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iRig Mic Cast 2

Podcasting Voice Recording Microphone for Smartphones & Tablets
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YouTubers, mobile journalists, and other content creators know the importance of great-sounding audio to stand out from the crowd. However, if you capture or stream using an iPad, iPhone or Android device, it's not always easy - especially on the go. We've all watched videos where the audio was compromised by background noise, wind or just annoying echoes. Luckily, you no longer need to struggle to record crisp, clear audio on-the-go or on a budget. The iRig Mic Cast 2 is an affordable, pocket-sized microphone that easily attaches to your device and lets you sound your best anywhere, any time.

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Catalog Number 323141 / IPIRIGCAST2I
Publisher IK Multimedia
UPC 888680977955
Series IK Hardware
Size 5.25x6.00
Weight 4.5 oz