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Overstream Bundle

USB Gaming And Podcasting Bundle With 990 Blaze And Mic MateŽ Pro

The MXL Overstream Bundle provides live streamers with a high-quality studio XLR microphone that delivers a drastic upgrade in audio performance while also providing a few essential accessories for the next level of audio live streaming. This model includes the MXL 990 Blaze LED Condenser Microhone bundled with a Shock Mount/Pop Filter and adjustable Desk Boom Stand. Now you can experience Pro-Grade Studio Design as the 990 Blaze delivers exceptional sound quality to complement a wide range of voices, both male and female, while the cardioid pattern helps reject any noice from behind the microhpone. Plus, if you don't already have an audio interface for XLR to USB conversion, the bundle includes a Mic MateŽ Pro that offers a single USB input with control over gain and headphone volume so you can start live streaming right out of the box.

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Catalog Number 298899 / MXL OSPRO KR
Publisher MXL
UPC 801813193992
Format 990 Blaze Microphone Bundle
Series MXL Mics
Size 24.00x10.50
Weight 132.3 oz