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Piano Works

This book presents pianists and ambitious amateur musicians with unfamiliar, surprisingly flamboyant and often witty compositions. These piano works are by one of the greatest pianists of the twentieth Century, one of the most recent all-roundmusical grand masters: Alexis Weissenberg, who was born in Sofia on 26 July 1929 and died in Lugano on 8 January 2012. This first edition includes all Weissenbergs surviving completed piano works, apart from those written for two pianos and for pianoduet, stage works and the Romance for piano and violin. Fingerings and pedal markings by Alexis Weissenberg are printed in italics (fingerings and allocation of notes between hands, too) or in large type (pedal markings); recommendations added by the editor are shown in roman font (fingerings and allocation of notes between hands) or in smaller type (pedal markings).

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Catalog Number 49046022 / ED22923
Publisher Schott
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Series Piano Solo
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