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Violin Spaces Vol. 1

Contemporary Violin Studies

Garth Knox is one of the most prolific violists of his generation, and as a former member of the Arditti Quartet for years, he has developed his love of contemporary music. He now gives concerts and organizes workshops all over the world. Following his highly successful Viola Spaces, he has now released the Violin Spaces, concert etudes for violin, which bring advanced playing techniques to advanced players. The pieces - or spaces - give each of them a space for specific techniques, such as the flageolette, pizzicato technique (with 10 fingers!) Or glissando variants. The Violin Spaces are dedicated to the violinist Diamanda Dramm, who worked closely with the composer during the development of the pieces.

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Catalog Number 49046112 / ED22971
Publisher Schott
UPC 842819100164
Series String Method
Size 12.00x9.00
Weight 7.7 oz