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Pro Tools - 1-Year Subscription Renewal

Education Pricing - 1-Year Perpetual License with Software Updates + Support

Power your sound with the tools that power the industry. With Pro Tools, everyone can sound their best. Whether you're just starting to create music, a band tracking their next hit, or part of a team mixing the next Hollywood blockbuster, the Pro Tools product family has a solution to fit your needs. This Pro Tools edition is part of the second tier of the new 3-tier system of Pro Tools software. It provides more powerful recording and editing tools than the free, third-tier Pro Tools | First; while the first-tier Pro Tools | Ultimate package features the most complete music creation, mixing and toolset. Create at the speed of inspiration with Pro Tools! Online registration required.

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Catalog Number 249807 / 9935-71643-00
Publisher Avid
UPC 724643120559
Format Student/Teacher Boxed Edition
Series Pro Tools
Size 5.25x5.25
Weight 1.4 oz