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iLoud MTM

High Resolution Compact Studio Monitor (White)
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IK Multimedia is excited to announce the newest addition to the iLoud family, iLoud MTM - nearfield studio monitors re-invented for quality, accuracy, and convenience. iLoud MTM takes the same inspiration behind iLoud Micro Monitors, to deliver reference-class sound in an ultra-compact format, and takes this concept even further to change everything about the sound, accuracy, and convenience of reference monitors in today's modern studio. iLoud MTM offers a totally DSP-controlled system to achieve results simply not possible with analog designs, and drawing on IK Multimedia's 20-year history of advanced digital signal processing. The results are impressive: 40Hz - 24kHz flat frequency response, size-defying bass response, true linear phase response for unbelievably revealing sound, superior imaging and precision even at close distances, built-in acoustic calibration derived from our award-winning ARC System software, and more. All this in a monitor that's compact enough to fit conveniently on a desk so you can use it anywhere. Features include: Ultra-flat frequency response Phase-coherent sound Extended, controlled low end Superior sound at short distances Perfect for desks and small spaces ARC self-calibration adjusts to any room DSP-controlled for superior performance 100W RMS total power per speaker 40 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response 0 to 20-degree tilting stand for ideal positioning Sold as a single unit

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Catalog Number 345953 / IPILOUDMTMW
Publisher IK Multimedia
UPC 840126942989
Format White
Series IK Hardware
Size 12.50x9.25
Weight 127.4 oz