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Triple 50 Gloss Black Electric Guitar

Gloss Back Electric Guitar
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With the Triple 50, we have broken away from the traditional setup of two single coil pickups and have added a third single coil pickup in between the normal bridge and neck pickups. We have also updated the Triple 50 with a wiring mod that is unique in that we still utilize the standard 3 way selector switch but have added an additional mini toggle switch that allows you to bring the middle single coil pickup in or out of your mix so that you get even more tonal options. The Triple 50 is one of the most versatile and tonally rich models within our 1950s line, and will quickly become your favorite go-to guitar.

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Catalog Number 347991 / MKT5SGBMRO
Publisher Michael Kelly Guitar Co.
UPC 809164023203
Format Gloss Black
Series Michael Kelly Guitars
Size 42.25x18.00
Weight 151.0 oz