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Hybrid 55 Tiger's Eye Burst Electric Guitar

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Flick a switch to go from electric guitar to acoustic guitar and blend the two for new creative sonic options with another flick. The Hybrid 55 gives you all of this in one instrument! This Hybrid gives you a potent electric guitar performance instrument. It has Rockfield pickups for great electric guitar sounds and our Great 8 mod to allow you to split each humbucker for a single-coil tone. The hardtail bridge is a FishmanŽ Powerbridge that adds a big acoustic tone to your options. This guitar does it all and does it really well. Lighten your load (one guitar instead of two) and increase your sonic options.

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Catalog Number 348011 / MK55HTEPRO
Publisher Michael Kelly Guitar Co.
UPC 809164022169
Format Tiger's Eye Burst
Series Michael Kelly Guitars
Size 42.00x18.00
Weight 157.3 oz