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Premium Instrument Cable with Gold Connectors

Peak Series - 1/4 inch. TS to 1/4 inch. TS Straight Connectors (10' Black Cable)

Peak series cables boast the same top-of-the-line performance and rugged reliability as the Select line, but with added cool factors such as unique jackets and NeutrikŪ silent connectors - just the thing to inspire the artist in you. These cables are extraordinary - every detail is perfect. - Sylvia Massy, award-winning engineer & producer for Tool, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others Features of the Peak series include: · 99.99% pure virgin oxygen-free copper core and shield for superior signal transmission · High-density copper shield for optimum noise rejection · Noise-eliminating core sleeve · Ultra-low capacitance/low resistance · Hand-soldered Neutrik connectors · Retail pricing typically 30%-40% lower than other premium cable brands · Exceptional linearity and frequency response · Lifetime EZ-Swap Limited Warranty Our distinguished guitar cable CGK 122 features gold-plated NEUTRIKŪ plugs and manifests its supreme class especially in the studio. Thanks to triple shielding and a robust jacket, this bulk cable can boast of very low capacity values.

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Catalog Number 3719657 / CSI3PP-GOLD
Publisher Cordial Cables
Format 1/4 inch. TS to 1/4 inch. TS Straight (10' Black)
Series Cordial Cables
Size .00x.00
Weight 8.1 oz