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Premium High-Copper Instrument Cable with Road Wrap & Silent Plug

Peak Series 1/4 inch. Straight to 1/4 inch. Right Angle Phone Plugs with Enhanced Road Toughness (10

Part of the Peak series, our High-Copper series cables boast the highest copper content of any comparable brand. More copper means more of your original signal passes through the cable without compromise, so your highs remain brilliant, your mids stay razor-focused, and your lows thump the way you do - even over long distances. You put your all into your music and your tone. Shouldn't you be using cables that can deliver it? High-Copper cables include all the features of Peak series cables, plus: Largest diameter copper conductor cores on the market, typically 3x standard cables Exceptional linearity and frequency response Ideal for long-run applications; pure signal transmission up to 50 ft. Cordial's legendary CRI PP instrument cable is also available with a right angle NEUTRIK Silent Plug. The connector version with an angle of 90 degrees is fitting closely to the guitar or bass and enables noiseless plugging and unplugging at the instrument. Just like the whole Road series, the CRI RP-SILENT is considered a trailblazer in terms of its qualities on stage. Its bulk cable CGK ROAD 75 as well as the partially gilded and highly conductive contacts of the green connector at the Amp side: Every component is designed in order to survive extreme strain on the road without damage.

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Catalog Number 3719636 / CRI3RP-SILENT
Publisher Cordial Cables
UPC 840126948271
Format 1/4 inch. Straight - 1/4 inch. Right Angle Phone Plugs w/ Enhanced Road Toughness (10')
Series Cordial Cables
Size 10.00x8.00
Weight 8.4 oz