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8-Channel Multi-Pair Cable Loom

Essentials Series - 10-Foot Loom with Unbalanced 1/4 inch. to 1/4 inch. Mono Plugs

The Essentials line provides a highly affordable entry into the world of Cordial's True-to-the-Source(TM) audio with a wide range of professional products at decidedly musician-friendly prices. The secret? Cordial's engineering, designs, and attention to quality and detail are cost-reduced via offshore manufacturing and the use of Neutrik REANŽ plugs. Like their German counterparts, Essentials products use Cordial's 99.99% pure virgin (non-recycled) oxygen-free copper and are manufactured to exacting specifications. Features include: ˇ Cabling designed and manufactured to Cordial's exacting specifications ˇ 99.99% pure virgin oxygen-free copper core and shield for optimum signal transmission ˇ High-density copper shield for electrical noise rejection ˇ Noise-eliminating core sleeve ˇ Low capacitance/low resistance ˇ Hand-soldered Neutrik REANŽ connectors ˇ Competitively priced/superior performance ˇ Lifetime EZ-Swap Limited Warranty Our 8-channel mono plug to mono plug multicore CML 8-0 PP C ensures a safe signal transmission. The contacts of the black REAN (NEUTRIK brand) plugs are gold-plated, the cables color-coded. Especially useful for analog mixing desk applications.

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Catalog Number 3719921 / CML8-0PP3C
Publisher Cordial Cables
Format 10' Loom with Unbalanced 1/4 inch. - 1/4 inch. Mono Plugs
Series Cordial Essential Series
Size .00x.00
Weight 8.1 oz