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Stereo/Dual Channel Direct Box with REAN® Neutrik Transformers

Select Series - Passive DI Box, 1/4 inch., RCA In, Thru. XLR Out

The Select Series is a robust, high-performance series suitable for a broad range of applications, including studio, live performance, rehearsal halls, rentals, and more. Designed to last a lifetime (and warrantied to do so), Select series cables take a no-nonsense approach to design, pairing time-proven cabling drawn from Cordial's German-designed and manufactured premium bulk lines with hand-soldered Neutrik® connectors. The result: Cables that deliver top-level performance with reliability you can count on day in and day out - even under demanding conditions. Features of the Select Series include: · 99.99% pure virgin oxygen-free copper core and shield for superior signal transmission · High-density copper shield for optimum noise rejection · Noise-eliminating core sleeve · Ultra-low capacitance/low resistance · Hand-soldered Neutrik® connectors · Retail pricing typically 30%-40% lower than other premium cable brands · Lifetime EZ-Swap Limited Warranty In line with the latest trend, i.e. keyboards, samplers and effects units with stereo outputs, Cordial's passive DI-box CES 02 allows you to easily connect line level outputs to balanced mixing desk inputs with microphone level sensitivity. Another convenient feature is also the option to loop signals through - not only via the 6.3 mm plug but also via RCA (Cinch) format, which is often found in semi professional CD/Mini Disk/Cassette/DAT players. So the CES 02 features a completely ground separated inner design and that means that two mono signals can be transmitted without any cross talk. The CES 02 doesn't require any batteries or phantom feed. The technical specifications of the transformer meet studio standards.

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Catalog Number 3719938 / CES02
Publisher Cordial Cables
Series Cordial Cables
Size .00x.00
Weight 8.1 oz