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Jet Phaser Guitar Pedal

Model WA-JP
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The seventies were an amazing time, as bell-bottoms, chains and afros dominated the fashion scene and the swoosh and swirl of phaser effects were everywhere on the radio. From the guitar work of David Gilmour, Brian May and Eddie Van Halen to the trail-blazing keyboard stylings of Steely Dan, Herbie Hancock and Paul Simon's Richard Tee, it seemed like everyone was incorporating phasers into their sound. The Warm Audio Jet Phaser is a hyper-authentic recreation of this famous pedal, accurate from the gooey swirl of the audio circuit to the look and feel of the enclosure, except that it's true bypass and far more affordable and reliable than vintage units!

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Catalog Number 354921 / WA-JP
Publisher Warm Audio
UPC 850016400550
Series Warm Guitar Pedals
Size 8.75x12.50
Weight 85.7 oz